PINTRILL x ’47 comin’ right up!

A skyline often becomes the marquee symbol of a city. From a distance, it appears vast, intricate, even overwhelming. But zoom into that backdrop, and you’ll see a melting pot of people, ideas and cultures bustling around. And probably something delicious melting too.

There are a million reasons why, and how, a relentless love for anything –– like a skyline, or a sports team, or a meal –– can manifest. Undoubtedly, pride in a region is a strong influence. Both pin and sport enthusiasts have something special in common: they love to wear their passions on their sleeves (or heads), so PINTRILL and ’47 collaborated to characterize this very sentiment.

Whether you’re a visitor, a transplant, or a local, nothing makes your experience in a region more valid until you’ve chowed on the designated cuisine.

With a shared love of culture (and definitely food), the collaboration with PINTRILL puts the spotlight on these dishes. From hot Tokyo ramen to saucey New York dogs, each hat and pin set in the PINTRILL x ’47 collaboration goes together like lobstah and buttah.

Pintrill x '47 City Foods

The ’47 CLEAN UP MF is a variation of our classic silhouette: relaxed with a slightly curved visor and a custom PINTRILL pin that locks into embroidery on the right side. A mix of garment washed fabrics and clean-finish adorn these styles. The pair comes in a commemorative drawstring bag.

All sold individually, the full assortment gives a nod to Brooklyn, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Tokyo and our hometown, Boston. The PINTRILL x ’47 collaboration is an outlet for anyone to express themselves and their personal style through their favorite things. Bon appetite!

Available for purchase here.