Every summer, the infamous, overwhelming traffic of vacationers packs the highways that head to the iconic Massachusetts peninsula of Cape Cod. There are some pretty special out-of-towners that the local population looks forward to though. Collegiate baseball players visit from around the nation, often staying with residents of the area, to play in the coveted Cape League –– a common stepping stone for those who eventually play in Minor and Major Leagues.

As the Official On-Field Headwear partner of the Cape League, ’47 was honored to travel down the Cape to sit with Mary Henderson –– President of the Harwich Mariners and Vice President of the Cape Cod Baseball League. The Mariners have been a generational devotion for the family of Mary Henderson with her daughter Elizabeth as an announcer and scorer at games, her son-in-law Ben as the team’s general manager, and her two grandchildren as intern and bat boy.

But family doesn’t stop there; every player that wears Harwich’s Red, White, and Navy is a member of the fam too. It’s a part of the Cape culture for families to house players from out of state and make them feel welcomed in their new home for summer. Mary has been housing players since 1982, when she first got involved with the team. “It’s the years after that makes it so special,” she says.

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