A new PINTRILL x ’47 collaboration has blossomed.

One of the beautiful traits of a major metropolitan area is the melting pot of cultures and influence within its limits. So much so, that growth and change is a sturdy part of its identity. Amongst this fast-paced, come-and-go lifestyle in any major city is also a sturdy set of roots. Local inhabitants, but not necessarily the people kind –– the natural kind.

Just like the dialect, signature foods or sports teams of a region –– the landscape itself very literally contributes to a city’s identity at its core. Native flowers that bloom throughout the year can contrast the concrete jungle and show a very special type of growth. Eye candy for residents and visitors alike.

This summer, ’47 teamed up again with our friends at PINTRILL to characterize a beautiful piece of metropolitan culture with the City Florals collaboration. This headwear capsule features five iconic global cities and their floral compliments: Paris irises, Los Angeles poppies, Boston mayflowers, Tokyo cherry blossoms and New York roses.

The featured headwear style is the ’47 CLEAN UP MF –– a deeper fitting crown with a slightly curved visor and adjustable strap. Each style is made with premium washed materials in custom colorways with a colorful floral pin that sits over detailed city name embroidery.

Pin and sport enthusiasts are known for wearing their passions on their sleeves, PINTRILL x ’47 have a shared energy to create quality designs for those who look to express themselves via personal style. The City Florals capsule is now in bloom in limited quantities on 47brand.com and pintrill.com.