Run the City

Posted on by Jared Wheeler


This year marks the 118th Boston Marathon, with athletes running from Hopkinton, MA to Boylston Street in downtown Boston. With some of our co-workers joining in the challenge, the accomplishments of our team is inspiring and something we like to celebrate.

Here are two of the ‘47 Brand team you may see running this year:

Keli Rupert & Rachel Karmen

Do YOU Run The City? Check out our Marathon Inspired gear:


When we think back to a year ago, countless acts of bravery defined the city. We’re proud to be a part of a community steeped in courage and selflessness.

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Coachella Weekend

Posted on by Ryan

This past weekend we partnered with Rolling Stone Magazine to host Coachella performers and other festival VIP’s at the Saguaro Desert Weekender.


In case you missed us we’re bringing you all the highlights. Listen to our Coachella mix on SoundCloud from the The Knocks. And, make sure to check out some of the fun below.






Missed out on Coachella this past weekend? We’ve put together a playlist of our favorite songs (including a few guilty pleasures):

Chance the rapper – Juice
N.E.R.D. – Everyone nose (remix)
Outkast – Rosa Parks
A$AP Ferg – Work (Remix)
Nas – The world is yours
Pharrell ft. jay z– Frontin
Nas – One Mic
Aloe Blacc – The man
Blood Orange – Chamakay
Drake ft. jhene Aiko – From time
Chromeo – Sexy Socialite
MGMT – Electric Feel
Dillon Francis – Without You
Beck – Where it’s at
Lorde – Tennis Court
Fat Boy Slim – Praise you


day 3

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Arthur’s Way

Posted on by Jared Wheeler

The start of the baseball season means the return of Arthur D’Angelo, founder of ’47 Brand, at the Red Sox Team Store on Yawkey Way. Most game nights you’ll find him perched in his glove chair greeting friends and passers-by. It was just six months ago that he was honored by the Red Sox community with Arthur’s Way, a street by Fenway Park commemorating his involvement in the community.

Untitled(L) Photo courtesy of David L. Ryan/Boston Globe Staff

With his sons Bobby, Mark, David, and Steven, ’47 Brand is truly a family company.


“My dad always taught us, if you work hard and you have passion, you’re going to be successful. For us, it’s about hard work, it’s about passion, and it’s about family.” -Mark D’Angelo


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Meet Melissa: E-Comm Specialist

Posted on by Brittany


Ever wonder who you talk to when getting in touch with ’47 Brand? Meet E-Comm Specialist Melissa! Just like ’47 Brand, she was born and bred in Massachusetts. She’s the one with answers about your ’47 swag or how to make a custom order.

So who is this person behind the email? Melissa’s passion is finding charity races of any kind. She says, “It allows me to stay healthy and give back at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.” Her 15 minutes of fame was being picked from the audience to perform with Blue Man Group. We sat down with Melissa to learn more.



What do you do at ’47 Brand?

At ’47 Brand I am part of the E-Comm Team.  I have the pleasure of interacting with our fans and loyal customers on a daily basis, have fun helping to create our online promotions as well as choosing product to sell on our website.  Most importantly, our #1 goal is to take care of our fans and any issues they may have, no matter what!

Melissa quote
Whats your favorite ’47 Brand hat?

My favorite hat is the Mesh Clean Up hat. It’s comfortable, great for athletes so your head can “breath” and I just love the look.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Right now I am working on putting together donation gift bags for the upcoming Vince Wilfork Diabetes Foundation.  Not only do I get the opportunity to attend and meet some of the team, but I am also an avid supporter of the Diabetes Foundation allowing me to contribute on behalf of ’47 Brand. It’s an amazing opportunity to see how fundraising is done and the impact of it’s purpose!

What is your favorite sports team and sports memory?


My favorite team is the New England Patriots but my favorite memory is from this past year when the Red Sox won the World Series. I helped work the carts on Lansdowne street as well as the Yawkey Way Souvenir Store at Fenway Park during the World Series games.  WHAT AN EXPERIENCE.  To be amidst all the action and excitement is something I will never forget.

melissaHave a question?  Email Melissa at

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Plank Skating

Posted on by Brittany

CP_meetMeet Christian Pastirik, CP, from Annapolis Maryland. CP and his dog Vlah-Dee skate all over Venice and caught our attention with his self-made ride at our most recent photo shoot.

You ride a 2×4. That’s insane. What is the story behind it? Is it comfortable to ride?

The 2×4 board was made out of necessity because my board was stolen.  The fence in front of my house was broken and being rebuilt and I saw a 2×4 about the length of a skateboard. I measured out the dimensions for the bolts, drilled holes in it, threw on some grip tape, attached the trucks/wheels and brought it to the park the next day to skate.


How do people typically react when they see you riding a 2×4? Does it draw a lot of attention?

People were coming up to me since the first morning I started skating it.  Out of nowhere it became an instant eye catcher and is very fun to skate. Some people immediately got the concept that this could be an awesome training board but other just seem to like the look.


Tell us about your experience at the ’47 Brand photo shoot.

I like to skate the park in the morning before it gets crowded so I can work on my game getting a lot of runs. I guess the combo of my board, dog, and myself caught [the photographer’s] eye.

I had a blast doing the shoot with 47 Brand. The other skaters, Leandre and Brandon, are two skaters that I love to watch and try to emulate. I had never been in a photo shoot or skated for anyone before and didn’t really know what to do but Sean Murphy, the photographer, was very positive and directed me throughout the day. Seeing some of the finished product was awesome. ’47 has sick gear and I really like their style.


Where is your favorite place to skate?

Venice.  I love skating vert/transition and the Venice park is perfect for that.  It is also right on the beach and has a surreal view of the Venice Breakwater surf spot.


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SXSW Recap

Posted on by Julie Czerepak

We had a blast at SXSW in Austin, TX last week meeting an awesome group of people. Whether it was gold-medalist/guitar playing Shaun White and his band “Bad Things”, or DJ Duo “Flosstradamus” the NYLON x THE DFM suite was jam packed with interesting people and awesome acts.

Josh Madden, Drake Bell, Amtrac, Treasure Fingers, Wave Racer & Ryan Hemsworth were just a few of our guests.





Guests were serenaded by Bad Things, including Shaun White, Betty Who, ASTR, Chela, and Until The Ribbon Breaks.




The Colorist Stopped by as well as Chromeo. To see more photos and interviews, visit






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Meet Jared Wheeler: ’47 Brand Historian

Posted on by Brittany

jared portrait

Tell us a little about yourself, Jared.

For as long as I can remember, sports have been the main conversation of my life. My bedtime stories were about Connie Mack Stadium and the NL stars my father saw play. I’d spend Saturday afternoon at places like the Civic Center, Palestra and Spectrum. On the playground we did left-handed foul shots for Hank Gathers and wore knee braces to honor the Dr.

I’m drawn to the ability of sports to set social climate and became active in preserving its history through apparel. I am blessed to transfer my passion into a career.


What do you do at ’47 Brand?

I develop collections based around historic eras in sport. A lot of my work is done at research facilities and archived libraries such as the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Baseball Hall of Fame. I am currently in the process of building an archive here at ’47 Brand. We have obtained a large amount of sports publications, which date back to the 1960s.


Favorite sports team/sports memory?

Lots of games over the years that have left me with some great memories. The 2002 All Star Game in Milwaukee that ended in a 7-7 tie, changed how the game was viewed. I was also at the 2008 All Star Game at Yankee Stadium, its final year. One of my most memorable days was being at Game 3 of the 2008 World Series.


How would you define your style?

My style is that of a 30 something father of three. Comfortable. I love my hats, and have a nice collection of them. My favorite hat is the Big Shot Brooklyn Dodgers snapback.


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Behind the Scenes in LA

Posted on by Julie Czerepak

A behind the scenes look at last month’s Major League Baseball Spring Campaign photo shoot. Just a few of our favorite moments and outtakes from a fun-filled week in Los Angeles, CA.










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March Madness

Posted on by Jared Wheeler

Villanova Championship

It’s almost March, and college hoops are heating up. It’s time to start doing your prep work before the NCAA Tournament bracket takes shape.

NCAA Bracket -- VIllanova wins

Now you know things never go as planned, that’s why we lovingly call it March Madness. So before the bracket gets published and you sketch your tournament winner down keep in mind one of the more epic tournament upsets in the history of March Madness, the 1985 Villanova Wildcats.
We stumbled across this bracket during a recent research trip to the University of Kentucky.  The 1985 Tournament was one for the ages as the Villanova Wildcats authored an improbable Cinderella story. The Wildcats, who were an eight seed, defeated a one seed in Michigan, a five seed in Maryland and a pair of two seeds in UNC and Memphis State. They capped off their historic run by defeating the Georgetown Hoyas, the defending champions and the overall number one team, for the National Championship. Villanova became the lowest seed to win the tournament.
So study up in these last few weeks of college hoops because this year the bracket will more than likely be shaken up!

Programs from ncaa finals

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Meet Lauren Chagnon: ’47 Brand Stylist

Posted on by Brittany

Lauren gives the peace sign


Tell us a little about yourself, Lauren.
I have been working at ’47 Brand for 7 years. I am from New Hampshire. I started sewing and making some of my own clothes in high school. It came easily to me to look at a piece of clothing and just know how it’s made. My boyfriend of 6 years and I live in an updated Loft in MA where I enjoy cooking, shopping, gardening and still do a little sewing now and then.


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