In 2017, Carhartt x ’47 celebrated the unbreakable bond that exists between working men and their hometowns by launching our OUTWORK x OUTROOT collaboration. As two family-run companies with deep roots in Detroit and Boston –– two of the toughest sports towns in America –– the union makes perfect sense. Both have fans who know what it means to work hard, and hard workers who know what it means to fan.


Last year may have told only two hometown stories, but this time around we’re sharing that same excitement with home plates across the nation. On Opening Day 2018 we’re thrilled to bring you Carhartt x ’47 for every single MLB team.


There’s so much that makes a region unique, from food to features to fandom. A hometown’s culture is often influenced by the very geography it sits upon –– landscapes that let industries emerge and flourish at their core. Some are even lucky enough to have local sports teams.


Whether it’s the grease on your gear, barley in your beard, dust on your shoulder, splinters in your fingers, the slosh of your shoes, the rally cries on game days –– hardworking fans across the nation have their own versions of tough. Just as the workwear they choose needs to outwork the rest, their fanwear needs to help them outroot the rest, too.


The OUTWORK x OUTROOT collaboration combines elements of the most recognizable workwear on earth with iconic team insignias from all 30 MLB teams. This year’s assortment has a range of knits and ’47 headwear donned with Carhartt’s signature duck material.

To ring in one of our favorite holidays, we’re dropping this expansion of OUTWORK x OUTROOT today, baseball’s Opening Day. Available on,, and in select stadiums until supply runs out.