Diamond formation happens via natural methods, all of which involve very high pressure, at an extremely high temperature, originating as carbon in the earth’s mantle. Once cut and polished, those diamonds become precious, rare and symbolic of so many things: stability, indestructibility, loyalty.

Pressure can create the best fans, athletes and ultimately victories. In the form of a shot clock, a free throw, a game winning layup ­­–– these unique sport moments make you strong and make you shine.

Both Diamond Supply Co. and ’47 come from humble beginnings – peddling skate hardware and pennants out of an LA bedroom and a Boston street cart, respectively. It took grit, passion, and plenty of setbacks to grow those roots into the global sports lifestyle brands they are today.

As Diamond Supply Co. boasts: simplicity is the key to brilliance. The first drop of the Diamond Supply Co. x ’47 NBA collaboration utilizes strong Diamond color and graphic aesthetics on signature ’47 headwear silhouettes.

Celebrate the grit and passion that define the best entrepreneurs, athletes, and fans with something from the Diamond Supply Co. x ’47 NBA collection today.