The Global Artist Project is a unique expression of ’47’s sports licensed headwear and apparel delivered through the creative lenses of artists from around the world. This year, artists took on the identities of seven NBA teams. Meet this year’s artistic talent below and shop the unique styles here.


Ron English is one of the most influential American artists of our age, as the Godfather of street art and creator of awe-inspiring POPaganda –– his personal brand defined by incredible, trippy visuals that depict cultural vices. Ron’s visions have many homes: mammoth billboards, movie screens, global exhibitions, youTube and beyond.


Part illustrator, part DJ and part professed Seahawk, Pete Fowler is a Cardiff-born artist who surely dabbles. Often inspired by music, toys and comics –– his fun and youthful signature style, Monsterism, perfectly lends itself to clever animations, wood carved characters, and multi-dimensional designs.

DRAGON – Japan

Japanese artist Dragon76, is a culturally charged visionary with unique brilliance in large scale graffiti, Manga and Ukiyo-e art forms. The paintbrush, which is essentially an extension of his arm, creates beautiful, energetic pieces that captivate onlookers, encouraging them to think deep and feel good.

MEGGS – Melbourne, Australia

Australian born David “Meggs” Hooke is a remarkable influence in the Australian street art scene with his intricate murals that often represent a treasured connection between earth, community and youth. With vibrant colors and passion packed canvases worldwide, Meggs has expanded his artistic footprint in many a metropolis.


Kevin Lyons is an American illustrator and Creative Director from Brooklyn, with a playful mind and a damn good drawing hand to materialize it.  He helps turn big brand dreams into reality via sneaker, snowboard deck, skate ramp or whatever the surface.

KASHINK – France

French born, mustache donning, risk-taking, extremely talented street artist Kashink constantly questions gender codes and body image in her work. She brings beautiful and diverse projects to the light with bright and colorful creatures that pack powerful messages, usually across city walls.


Muideen Ogunmola is a Detroit born, Boston-residing illustrator, designer and YOBLOCKNATION creator. With larger-than-life athletes often featured as his subjects, his iconic, exaggerated style combines his love for African arts and patterns, comic books and sports.