In the late 1800s, an American professor was credited with bringing baseball to Japan, and a century later; Ivy League fashion would also be absorbed and developed by their culture. Today, Japan is a leader in sartorial streetwear, and our new MLB collaboration with UNITED ARROWS & SONS x Hombre Nino seems to be a symbol of mutual influence the two regions have on each other when it comes to sport and style.

Purveyors of elevated street fashion in Japan, Poggy (of UA&S) and YOPPI (of Hombre Nino), also have an affinity for baseball, which drove their idea to enhance high-end blazers with the insignias of American baseball teams. Our dedication to sport, passion for premium quality goods, and long-time relationship with MLB made ’47 the right partner for their ambition.

Donning NY Mets and Yankees pieces from the assortment, respectively, we brought Poggy and YOPPI stateside for some quality time at Citi Field and other quintessential New York settings, observing as the two comrades reflected on the enviable freedom the city offers for taking on new challenges in sartorial streetwear and fashion in general.


Staying true to team colorways, the choke stripe material used in the jackets is symbolic of customary tailored looks, and a prominent inclusion in UA&S 2016 Fall/Winter collection. The two-toned MLB logos include elements from both UA&S x Hombre Nino brands, which can also be seen on our classic snapback style, the ’47 CAPTAIN.

With iconic teams incorporated (Mets, Yankees and Phillies), the pair’s hope is that a younger generation –– those who can be timid to embrace higher fashion –– will feel excited to own these pieces. On the flip side, the collection will get their current audience interested in baseball, if they aren’t already.

But the ultimate dream according to YOPPI? Seeing someone in any stadium pop up on the JumboTron wearing the getup.

The collection launched Friday at UNITED ARROW & SONS in Harajuku, Japan. Lookbook can be viewed below and on Hypebeast. Stay tuned for any availability stateside.