The powwow is a coveted Native American custom –– one that celebrates the gathering of people and ideas. The term has even been embraced in social circles or business vernacular. Its origin inspired global artist collective POW! WOW!’s philosophy –– that art can create an impact (POW!) and push boundaries (WOW!).

POW! WOW! hosts its namesake events in cities around the world, where artists gather in great spirits to create beautiful projects that celebrate their respective identities, all while embracing local culture. With these shared values around individuality, self-expression, and collaboration, ’47 is thrilled to be their official headwear partner.

From February 9-18, the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu will host the year’s marquee event, POW! WOW! Hawaii. We had the honor of joining renowned Hawaiian artist, Woes Martin, as he prepped for the big week. With his companionship, we explored the region, enjoyed local fare and learned first hand what Aloha-style is all about.

The trip began in Kaka’ako, where elaborate street murals by Woes and fellow POW! WOW! artists catch the eye. We popped into familiar spots like In4mation and Koko Head Café, and felt the energy of the community that inspires Woes’ creativity.

It was inside Proper Rider Shop, a youth skate development center, that Woes really demonstrated the Hawaiian sentiment of giving back. One of his signature designs was brought to life on a skate wall –– the Panda. The familiar character lives through much of his artwork, always representing a humbling, reflective outlook on life.

The skate park mural is an inspiration to local admirers, reminding them of what Hawaii and POW! WOW! is all about: community, beauty, creativity, and hard work. Take a peek at ’47’s official headwear for POW! WOW! below and stay tuned for more from this partnership.

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