Few decades exhibited the daring spirit of fan-focused sports apparel more than the early 1990s. From the Pump sneakers to the familiar swish of teal and purple Charlotte Hornets windbreakers, those decades highlighted an overwhelmingly unique approach to sports-centric clothing styles. It’s no wonder sports fans who were lucky enough to ride those glory days still crave the clothing from back in the day.

With the third annual National Retro Day on February 27th, that craving for throwback apparel is about to get real. Fans who need to scratch that nostalgic itch look no further because ’47 has you covered. We’re introducing an all-new Retro Day Collection that’s inspired by your favorite sports teams’ classic logos and styles. 

And since we love retro fashion and our fans (and our fans’ love of retro fashion), ’47’s Retro Day promotion includes a one-day-only offer: buy one Retro Day Collection item and get another 40% off with promo code RETRO40.

Rewind with ’47 Retro Day Gear

Many of us fondly remember the rainbow of colors in Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air outerwear or the unashamed counter-cultural fashion sense displayed by tennis great Andre Agassi. You can recapture both the experience and love of that era thanks to the ’47 Retro Day Collection

Tubular Tees

Retro Day Collection Details

Our Retro Day Collection includes eye-catching retro and current-day sports logos on our popular headwear silhouettes and 47 Vintage Tubular tees. The collection features teams from all four major leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), as well as a selection of popular college sports teams. The headwear collection’s design also has subtle nods to the sport – featuring paper-mache style graphics such as the seams of a baseball or the texture of a football.

Here’s our full, exciting Retro Day Collection line-up:

  • ’47 CLEAN UP headwear: One of our best-selling hats with a relaxed, curved, and comfortable fit. Features our in-demand snapback CLEAN UP design.
  • ’47 MVP DP headwear: Offering a deep structured crown and a plastic adjustable strap, this hat also features our popular mesh back design.
  • ’47 Tubular Tee: Thanks to our special “20 year wash” and screen printing process, you can enjoy the lived-in feel with these retro-dyed ’90s-styled tees.

Exclusive Retro Day Deal—One Day Only!

While the collection will be available beyond National Retro Day, ’47 is offering a one-day-only deal on 2/27: Buy one Retro Day Collection item, get the second for 40% off with promo code RETRO40. You can find all our National Retro Day gear on 47brand.com.