In the 1940s, on different hemispheres, two brands were becoming pioneers in their own right. NANGA began creating gear for some of the truest pioneers –– the kind that scale the most challenging mountains on earth. ’47 on the other hand, much closer to sea level, was creating gear for a different type of tenacious person –– a sports fan.

NANGA x ’47 came together to create something that reflects the entrepreneurial spirit and whatever that means to you. Product is designed for those who desire premium details –– merging NANGA materials that resist the elements with tried and true ’47 silhouettes.

Whether scaling a mountain is literal or symbolic for you, ­most can agree that a NANGA state of mind –– “believe in your adventure” –– is sure to keep you focused on overcoming challenges and appreciating the journey.

By believing in their abilities and work product, both brands have stuck around for the long haul. Shop the NANGA x ’47 collaboration here.