Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders, we collaborate with those who share our passion for creativity and innovation. These qualities are clear in Gypsy Sport.


Gypsy Sport’s “athleisure” aesthetic is born out of designer Rio Uribe’s obsession with sport logos and jerseys. By deconstructing these familiar elements, Rio creates something new that is grounded in sport and yet distinctly unconventional.

Gypsy Sport’s “Haturn” logo, two hats angled to resemble the planet Saturn, is a testament to the designer’s personal and creative appreciation for the baseball hat in particular. As Rio has said, “Baseball hats are crowns for street kids,” making our ‘47 CLEAN UP silhouette a natural fit for this collaboration.

Rio’s roots and allegiances to Mexico, LA and Harlem have greatly impacted the creative vision of Gypsy Sport. The diversity of influence is apparent in Rio’s collections merging elements of NYC streetwear with a bohemian, west coast flare.

We’re proud to partner with Gypsy Sport as they push the boundaries of style in a conscious and inclusive way. Look out for more from this talented young designer.