The Global Artist Project is a unique expression of ’47’s sports licensed headwear and apparel delivered through the creative lenses of artists from around the world. In response to the growing popularity of Major League Baseball abroad, ’47 tapped into Monorex — an international collective of creative talent — to enlist artists who could carry out ’47’s vision of bringing fresh, authentic and original designs to the global sports lifestyle community.

The artwork submitted now proudly lives on ’47’s premier headwear and apparel, as one of our most unique and exciting offerings to date. Six MLB teams are represented in this collection, each one artistically reimagined. There’s a snapshot of each artists’ individual style below –– with a peek at their work:


French artist McBess (Matthieu Bessudo) takes a wildly unapologetic approach to his work, often inspired by old cartoons, visualized with surrealism and materialized by elaborately fun illustrations and animations. McBess’ talent doesn’t end at the drawing board — he also plays guitar in his band, “The Dead Presidents” and collaborates on a famed German lifestyle brand, “The Dudes.”


Scottish artist Conzo Throb is an adventurous illustrator with skills rooted in graffiti art, uniquely inspired in his early days by video games and television. His work tells clever stories on giant canvases with humorous discourse and complex character drawings that thoughtfully take on the voice of each project.


José Sabaté (EL PEZ) is a famed graffiti artist from Barcelona, known for his iconic smiling fish logo and the popular “Barcelona Happy Style” — a mindful initiative to create art that gives off good vibes. Pez has established a global reputation and has been featured in exhibitions worldwide since 1999.


Barn Fresh (Lennard Schuurmans) is a motor-obsessed, multi-disciplined artist from The Netherlands who specializes in painting, illustration, murals, signage and lettering. The spirit of his custom motor blog blends with his love for vintage design, art and clothing. For his designs, he looks back to go forward. Lennard founded the Barn Fresh Company in 2012.


The Low Bros is an artist duo: brothers Christoph and Florin Schmidt – formerly active as graffiti writers Qbrk and Nerd. Their work most often centers around stylized animal characters with human features and addresses graffiti, hip hop, skateboarding and other elements that influenced and shaped the artists’ youth in the 1980s and 1990s. The Low Bros are represented by BC Gallery (Berlin) and Thinkspace Gallery (Los Angeles).


Swedish artist Bless (Anya Blom) is powerful with many a weapon whether it is a spray can, pencil or clay and her own imaginative mind. Her distinct style gives homage to traditional graffiti while infusing her own brand of organized free-flowing shapes and clear lines. Anya’s fame is growing in the urban art scene, in only a few years as a full-time artist.

The collection is now available here and will become available in Europe through Kickz.