As the world is battling over its namesake cup, football fans everywhere are gearing up to support their nation in the contest. This is one of the most passionate groups of fandom that sport has ever known. The kind whose prayers to the Football Gods are heard across the globe.

Passion has kept ’47 in business for over 70 years, and that very tenet is instilled in, and inspires our company culture every day. Our very own Graphics Team Manager, and in-house football expert Ty Taiste has an infectious energy both creatively and for the sport he adores.

To express this excitement with fellow fans, Ty designed a limited edition capsule collection of headwear donned with some of the sport’s most decorated national teams and their accomplishments on the field.

The Football Gods Collection celebrates 16 popularized teams with a vision that considers the colors of each team’s kit and melds them with contemporary fashion elements –– from the crown and threads to the meticulous embroidery that boasts national flags, “The Football Gods” word-mark and Taiste’s own moniker. For 8 of the legendary teams, stars on the back symbolize victories on the world stage.

Embellishments live on ’47’s signature silhouette, the ’47 CLEAN UP –– an adjustable strapback made from super soft cotton twill that is washed for a worn-in feel.

Show who you’re passionate to support with a limited edition TFG ’47 CLEAN UP.