As we welcome back our beloved baseball, we’re also welcoming back our coveted OUTWORK x OUTROOT MLB collaboration with Carhartt. Since 2017, Carhartt x ’47 have banded together to celebrate the unbreakable bond that exists between hardworking fans and their hometown teams.

That’s right. For so many, clocking in means tuning in. Cracked bats heard from cracked sidewalks, grand slams celebrated from greasy garages, heated matchups felt from hot kitchens.

The collaborative workwear-meets-sportswear mimics true fandom itself –– weathering the seasons, the long shifts, the extra innings, the wins, the losses. Carhartt’s durable duck material merges with ’47’s iconic headwear silhouettes in all 30 MLB teams.

As two family-run companies with deep roots in Detroit and Boston –– two of the toughest sports towns in America –– Carhartt x ’47 know that however and wherever you support your team, you need quality gear to do it right. Broadcast your fandom with headwear from the OUTWORK x OUTROOT collaboration today.