David Ortiz has spent the better part of his career creating a legacy on the field in Fenway Park. Recently the Red Sox icon made a new field his home –– a corn one, to be exact. ’47 teamed up with Davis Mega Maze in Sterling, MA to create the Big Papi Maze in honor of this baseball great’s farewell year, so we could all see him off in a big way.

This homage to Ortiz sits just an hour away from Fenway, is more than three miles in length and can take several hours to navigate. Maze-goers will weave through twists and turns that may seem random during the moment, but a bird’s eye view tells a different story. Those lanes create Ortiz’s famed stance along with the note; “’47 Thanks Big Papi” –– its impressive creation can be seen in the time lapse below:

Not only was the labyrinth designed by world-renowned maze architect Adrian Fisher, but it was cut by Davis Farm in just one day. The land is seventh generation family-owned and has been making themed mazes for the Massachusetts community for more than 20 years. In other words –– Ortiz is in good hands.

’47 was right there at the ribbon-cutting ceremony on August 30, where Big Papi gave the namesake maze his blessing –– in a custom ’47 CLEAN UP donning his farewell logo (seen in the image gallery below). If you’re headed to the maze and want to show some love to the icon with a similar look, check out the headwear and apparel from our David Ortiz Final Season collection.

The Big Papi Maze will be open throughout the fall. This activity is great for families and fans of all ages looking for a day of unique fun, while celebrating a player that’s been a fixture of the Boston baseball community for more than a decade.

Operating hours and ticket information are available here.

Photo credit: Damian Strohmeyer/AP Images for ’47