Today we unveil our new collaboration with 686, a global leader and innovator of snow technical apparel. The collaboration blends 686’s experience crafting technical outerwear with ’47’s deep roots in collegiate headwear and apparel. At its foundation, the project is built upon mutual respect and a shared commitment to progression. Together, 686 x ‘47 have created a collegiate tech capsule collection for the Winter 2015-2016 season.

Featuring a mix of outerwear, tech apparel, water resistant headwear and accessories, the 686 x ‘47 collection delivers a crisp aesthetic that blends futuristic camo patterns and classic collegiate logos with technical progression.

The capsule line features logos and marks of fourteen universities and colleges across the U.S., which includes Boston University, Brigham Young University, University of California, University of Colorado, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Michigan, University of Nebraska, Pennsylvania State University, University of Southern California, University of Texas, University of Vermont, University of Wisconsin and Yale University.

The capsule consists of one waterproof and breathable outerwear jacket, one water repellant insulator, two facemasks, two shirts, one hoodie, two cuff knits and two waterproof hats.

686 x ’47 is available for purchase here and at select campus bookstores across the fourteen universities and colleges involved.