’47 was founded on the streets of Boston, so it’s only right that we have our flagship store here. In 2015 we officially opened our new ’47 flagship store on Newbury Street in Boston, MA.

Address: 286 Newbury St, Boston, MA

Phone: (617) 236-4006

Email:  47Boston@47brand.com

Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00AM to 7:00PM & Sun 12:00PM to 6:00PM

Store features:

  • Full line of ’47 headwear and apparel
  • ’47 Heritage Wall
  • Locally sourced art installations
  • Large state-of-the-art headwear wall with hidden pullouts
  • Comfortable lounge area featuring our lifestyle collections
  • Matchup section featuring Boston versus visiting team
  • 70″ TV playing live sports and streaming ’47 content
  • Monthly in-store events and interactive elements

47Newbury_2015_279 2


  • Ari Baronofsky

    I was just there the other day. Gorgeous store, great staff, and I only got some friendly teasing when they saw I was buying a Yankees hat. 🙂

  • Jason Gramling

    What does the ’47 mean?

    • Ed


    • Sharon Myron

      what is the reason ,the company put the year 1947 on the cap.

  • Terrance

    Does anyone know if Fan Favorite is a 47 owned brand?

  • Rob

    I would like to see more Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys ’47 merchandise!

  • Kyle

    I want to see a multicam Franchise with a flag on the front! The Clean Up is ok, but the Franchise would be better for those of us that don’t like the strap in the back!

  • Darian Cerin

    Make a Real Madrid clean up hat please

    • Willi Schwartz

      I agree. It should be all white.

  • Joe Curtiss
  • Willi Schwartz

    Can clients personalize hats? Choose a logo have the company ask us which color hat we’d like and have them make it for the client. Isn’t that a good idea?

    • Simon Wang

      Hi, this is Simon from China, I am interested in your hats. custom logo is available. my email: wg55568@hotmail.com. if you are interested, contact me.

  • Mason E King

    your brand is ’47.In 1947 The Braves were in Boston .Do you plan any apparel on the Boston Braves or perhaps even the Boston Olympics(hockey).I believe the Olympics existed in 1947

  • Louis Yacono

    Ordered an item from them over 3 weeks ago. I requested a refund and to cancel order. I received 1 email response regarding the issue. That was 2 weeks ago. Very poor customer service and their so called no hassle return policy is bogus. Very dissappointed and will never deal with this company again.

  • David Pollock

    Hi, Can I get a white Tee w/ Dodgers in blue..?

  • Brett

    Quality Control/longevity inquiry… Big Red Sox fan from Michigan. My wife bought me tickets to a game at Fenway against the Yankees in 2014. While at the park, I purchased one of your hats (Fenway Park Collection) that is a one size stretch fit. My problem is the band is stretched out in 2016 and it doesn’t fit anymore. I don’t have a big head to begin with (maybe 7-1/8 fitted) so I’m confused why it is stretched out. I need a new hat and don’t want to purchase a fitted. Any other options? Can I send this one back? I appreciate any help.

    Thank you,


  • Sean Galaris

    Great team gear…would love to see some American Flag gear as the product quality is so great and the Flag is not just a novelty. Thanks for the great stuff!

  • Kelly Macfarland

    I just went to the ’47 flagship store this past weekend, as I do every year, and this year I was a little disappointed with the lack of diversity in the apparel this year vs. years past. There was the usual hat rack of different hats, but all the shirts and apparel were specifically Boston teams. I understand that the store is in Boston, but I would like to see other team t-shirts and clothing in the store as well. I was hoping the winning teams this year would be featured, but unfortunately weren’t. I hope that the store goes back to as it has been in the past.

    Thank you,
    Kelly Macfarland

  • bryoman

    I cannot seem to find any Oakland Raiders or Minnesota Vikings 47 brand hats in XXL. I have look everywhere from Ebay to this site and even tried Amazon. Do this hats exist anymore and can I buy them? Thanks in advance.